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Valley Taxi, Inc. Rider Responsibility

The Valley Taxi has been in existence for 30+ years serving the people of the communities of Sayre, Athens , Waverly, South Waverly and Towanda. It has been our mission to provide safe and reasonable transportation for those wishing to ride. We strive to continue this endeavor while at the same time always trying to upgrade our services.

For Your Information to keep you informed you need to know and understand a few things:

  • If you call for service during the hours of 6 am – 11:45 pm and don’t get an answer, keep trying. Our telephone system works with our radio system and sometimes there is a conflict between the two. Because of the telephone system, the drivers cannot always go to your door to help you if they are going to be too far from the vehicle to answer the telephone. Please be understanding if they cannot come to your door to help you. Although the drivers can help with packages, etc, they are not the same as the Transit Authorities who do door to door service.
  • If someone arrives to pick you up in a vehicle that is not marked as a taxi, and/or does not have Valley Taxi with the PUC Number on the doors, they are not a driver for Valley Taxi and will not have the proper licensing and insurance to transport you. You should not ride with them.
  • The drivers are there to provide safe transportation for your. Please treat them with the respect they deserve by not being loud or boisterous while you are riding. Have your money ready when your trip has ended. If you create a scene with the driver to the point that they are distracted and find it dangerous, they can stop the car and let you out. Also, if you do not have the money to pay for your fare, you can be arrested for theft of services.
  • When you call for a ride, due to the number of calls that come in, you may have a brief waiting time. The time could be anywhere from 5 min to 30 min depending on a number of variables; busyness of calls, heavy traffic, or construction (summer months especially) If you have waited more than 30 min please call us back and ask when the driver will be arriving. They can let you know the situation as to what is going on and how much longer the wait will be.
  • If you call for a taxi and find another way to go, please be considerate to the next person waiting for their ride by calling and canceling your ride. If you don’t the driver has to take the time to drive to your destination to find that you are a No Show. You will then be charged a No Show fee that you will be responsible to pay. The person waiting for their ride who is picked up next has to wait that much longer for the driver to go to your destination first.
  • The rates are agreed upon by the Valley Taxi and the PUC. We cannot change or defer from these rates. Our rates have not gone up since 1999 but the PUC has established a gas surcharge to help defer the cost of the high price of gasoline. No one is allowed to receive a discount while riding with the Valley Taxi. Unfortunately, we cannot give discounts to senior citizens or low income individuals under any circumstances. Everyone needs to pay the same price.
  • If you have comments, problems or complaints you can call 882-9130. You can also call the PUC at 570-963-4590.